Monday, May 11, 2015


Today I will be talking about the colorful French cookies called Macarons. Macaroons are type of small circular cake. They are typically made from almonds, coconut, or other nuts or even potato. Sugar, egg white, and sometimes other ingredients like honey, vanilla, spices, glade cherries or a chocolate coating are used too. Macaroons are often baked on edible rice paper that is placed on a baking tray. This sweet treat is mostly made with coconut but here in the United States they are sold in beautiful colors such a orange, brown, yellow, red, green, white, etc. 
These tasty treats can be traced back to Italian roots yet in the 15th century, the monks came to France and joined the pastry chefs of Catherine de Medici. Later two Benedictine nuns came seeking for refuge during the French Revolution. They paid for their needs by baking and selling macaroon cookies. From there on out macaroon cookies are well known in many parts of the world and enjoyed by many people. 

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  1. Who would have thought french Macarons have such a complex history. I never suspected that these cookies could be traced back all the way the 15th century. I found your post very interesting specially on the history part, overall good blog.