Thursday, May 28, 2015

Bring Home the Bacon

      Although this blog is not about bacon, it is about one delicious and savory American treat. The Twinkie. A twinkie is an American snack cake, marketed as a "Golden Sponge Cake with Creamy Filling". It was made and sold by Hostess Brands. It is currently owned by Apollo Global Management and C. Dean Meteopolous and Company. During bankruptcy, Twinkie production was ended on November 21, 2012. But dont worry, twinkies are now back and sold in lots of places.
      As I said before, twinkies are small yellow cakes filled with a creamy filling. There are many different ways. You can deep fry it or make it into a sandwhich. A deep-fried twinkie is first frozen and then dipped into the batter and then deep-fried to create a twinkie.
      Twinkies were invented in Shiller Park, Illinois on April 6, 1930 by James Alexander Dewar, a baker for the Continential Baking Company. There was a machine that filles strawberry cream into other cakes, but strawbarries were not in season at the time so he used banana cream and named it the twinkie. The company was then forced to stop using banana cream and started to use vanilla cream. Since then, the recipe has not changed. Kids, teens, and adults everywhere in American have enjoyed the delicious taste of twinkies.

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