Sunday, April 26, 2015

Canadian Favorites

          Canada has amazing foods. Varying from the English to the French side of Canada. In this blog, I will be talking about an amazing fast-food dish called Poutine. This dish originated in Quebec, a providence in Canada. Poutine is usually served in Canada and northern United Staes. Poutine is sold in small diners and pubs and most commonly sold in hockey arenas. This hot dish is served in many different variations. It contains french fries, thin brown gravy, and cheese curds.
          Poutine's heavenly fried french fries are topped with cheese curds, these bit-sized curds are what gives poutine it's tanginess. Hot gravy is then poured on the top the french fries.
          As I said before poutine is served in many different variations. Some restaurants serve it as main courses and some serve it as side dishes; some restaurants serve it without cheese and others serve it with beef or pork. Everywhere from Europe to the United States, poutine is served in it's own way.
        Poutine has served as a comfort food and has been Quebec's "embarrassing but adored" junk food. I really recommend trying Poutine.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Cucina Italiana

      Biscotti di Prato, also known as cantuccini, are biscuits originating in the Italian city of Prato. Biscotti is what Americans call coffee bread. These oval shaped biscuits are baked twice and made dry and crunchy by cutting the loaf of bread while it's hot and fresh in the oven. It is made up of flour, sugar, fresh eggs and delicious pine nuts or almonds. Like I said before it is baked twice to get the hard and crunchy texture unlike regular bread. Many Italians enjoy the biscuit after every meal.
      Biscotti is very dry and is served with a drink that can be dunked in. It is typically served with orange juice or coffee, including cappuccinos or lattes. Biscotti with almonds are called currutacos and are associated with Palm Sunday, which is a religious holiday. To this day, Biscotti has been eaten around the the world and enjoyed by people who love a treat. 

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Food from Cancún

    This week, I will be talking about a typical dish from Cancún, Mexico. This delicious food is called, Pescado a la Tikin-Xic. It originated from the mayan culture and is now a famous and very delicious dish served in many elegant restaurants around Cancún.
     The term "Tikin-Xic" means dry fish. This dish is prepared in the Meso-American style. The Tikin-Xic is prepared with white fish, usually Grouper or Drum. The fish is then prepared whole then marinated with adobo de Achiote and sour oranges then rapped in a banana leaf and cooked in a over beneath a fire. The Pescado a la Tikin-Xic is prepared in many different ways, some modern ways of cooking include the banana leaf being steamed instead of buried for cooking.
Many say it is great for lunch or dinner. If you are ever visiting that part of Mexico, you should try the Pescado a la Tikin-Xic

Friday, April 10, 2015

Foods from Around the Globe

              In my opinion there is nothing better than eating food. Now imagine eating food from different parts of the world each week. Culinary Explosionz will give you an insight on what people from different parts of the world eat on a daily basis. Each week I will be talking about one of the many best foods from anywhere on the globe. It could be from any one of these places:  North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. Maybe you can't actually taste the foods but at least you can read about them.