Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Some Good Tucker!!

      Today I will be talking about Vegemite. Some of you may know what Vegemite is. Vegemite is a dark brown Australian food paste. It was developed by Cyril P. Callister in Melbourne in 1922. Vegemite is made from leftover brewers' yeast extract with various vegetables and spice additives. Vegemite is a popular spread for sandwiches, toasts, crumpets, and cracker biscuits. While it is made in Australia, the brand is now owned by American company Mondelēz International. Other Australian-owned spreads have come in market but none like Vegemite.
Because of Vegemite's salty and slightly bitter taste, most do not enjoy eating it. But many people eat                              
       Vegemite in many different ways. A common method is on toasted bread with one layer of butter or margarine before spreading a thing layer of Vegemite. It can also be used as a filling for pastries such as the Cheesymite scroll. Vegemite is also a healthy spread. Vegemite is one of the richest sources of Vitamin B. Vegemite does not contain any fat, added sugar, or animal content.
       There were jingles that helped Vegemite rise up in popularity. One famous one that was made in 1954; it used groups of smiling, healthy children signing this tune:
We're happy little Vegemites
As bright as can be.
We all enjoy our Vegemite
For breakfast, lunch, and tea.
Our mummies say we're growing stronger
Every single week,
Because we love our Vegemite
We all adore our Vegemite
It puts a rose in every week. 
      Vegemite is now sold in many different places in the world but has also been banned from places such as America. But later they declared that Vegemite would still be sold and were on the market. I have never tried Vegemite but I would if I had the chance to. 

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