Sunday, April 26, 2015

Canadian Favorites

          Canada has amazing foods. Varying from the English to the French side of Canada. In this blog, I will be talking about an amazing fast-food dish called Poutine. This dish originated in Quebec, a providence in Canada. Poutine is usually served in Canada and northern United Staes. Poutine is sold in small diners and pubs and most commonly sold in hockey arenas. This hot dish is served in many different variations. It contains french fries, thin brown gravy, and cheese curds.
          Poutine's heavenly fried french fries are topped with cheese curds, these bit-sized curds are what gives poutine it's tanginess. Hot gravy is then poured on the top the french fries.
          As I said before poutine is served in many different variations. Some restaurants serve it as main courses and some serve it as side dishes; some restaurants serve it without cheese and others serve it with beef or pork. Everywhere from Europe to the United States, poutine is served in it's own way.
        Poutine has served as a comfort food and has been Quebec's "embarrassing but adored" junk food. I really recommend trying Poutine.


  1. Wow very interesting I had never heard of "Poutine" until now. It sounds very delicious as you described the food and what exactly is served with it. Although, it sounds very tempting to eat I believe that others are concerned with how many calories and the amount of preservatives it contains noting the obvious fact that is a "fast food' dish. I believe that if you include not only the nutritional benefits of eating, but also stating its preservatives will people allure to tasting the food rather than double guessing if it's healthy for them or not, overall nice food post.

  2. (Prince)I've always wanted to try different foods,maybe when go there with my cousin and see my relative there i'll try it.

  3. I never tried canadian food. This " Poutine" sounds really good, maybe I'll try it later on in life. Honestly I want to try all the different variations of poutine. P.S your background looks AMAZING!!!!!!