Sunday, April 12, 2015

Food from Cancún

    This week, I will be talking about a typical dish from Cancún, Mexico. This delicious food is called, Pescado a la Tikin-Xic. It originated from the mayan culture and is now a famous and very delicious dish served in many elegant restaurants around Cancún.
     The term "Tikin-Xic" means dry fish. This dish is prepared in the Meso-American style. The Tikin-Xic is prepared with white fish, usually Grouper or Drum. The fish is then prepared whole then marinated with adobo de Achiote and sour oranges then rapped in a banana leaf and cooked in a over beneath a fire. The Pescado a la Tikin-Xic is prepared in many different ways, some modern ways of cooking include the banana leaf being steamed instead of buried for cooking.
Many say it is great for lunch or dinner. If you are ever visiting that part of Mexico, you should try the Pescado a la Tikin-Xic

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